Roger Woods M.A.,(R.C.A.) Contemporary Artist and textile designer: a remarkable intellect,  extraordinary touch, a unique personal iconography. He was slightly built, fiery, radical, witty, and devastatingly articulate.  He could stay up drinking, arguing and doing impressions of Terry Thomas and Douglas Hurd 'till first light. Being an artist was his first love, also a source of torment. For creative relief he produced immaculate and original designs for furnishing fabrics. Roger Woods' designs are in stately homes up and down the country.

During sporadic bursts of creativity he worked on three themes: 'The Age of Lead', 'In Rodin's Studio' and 'Raphael's Dream', and wrote essays towards a Freudian Theory of Art.

The purpose of this site is to make Roger Woods' work accessible world wide and to give him proper credit for  the extraordinary artist he was, and for his  paintings drawings and textile designs. 
You  can   visit the Designer fabric site here.

Roger Woods

  Contemporary Artist who produced Original  Paintings
Textile Designer Lecturer in Art History and Theory of Art

Study of Rodins The Cry by Roger Woods in water colour .Art, painting Rodin

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